Metabolic therapy with Sodium R lipoate plus hydroxycitrate

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Property Information
Drug Name Sodium R Lipoate and Hydroxycitrate (METABLOC)
FDA Approval No (Used in investigational metabolic therapy for brain tumors)
Used for Investigational use in brain tumor treatment, including primary and metastatic gliomas
Clinical Trial Phase Early clinical evaluation in a small case series
Clinical Trial Explanation Not specified
Common Side Effects Not specified in the provided information
OS without Not specified
OS with Varies; one GBM patient had a significant tumor shrinkage, others showed extended progression-free survival, including one patient surviving 87 months post-diagnosis
PFS without Not specified
PFS with Majority of newly diagnosed patients without disease progression for periods extending to 2-3 years, and in one case, 87 months
Usefulness Rating 3
Usefulness Explanation Not specified
Toxicity Level 2
Toxicity Explanation The toxicity of Sodium R Lipoate and Hydroxycitrate (METABLOC) has been assessed as relatively low. It's still undergoing early clinical evaluation, which means it hasn't caused any severe adverse reactions to this point. However, we lack specific information on its common side effects. It's important to remember that everybody's body responds differently to medications, so while the toxicity appears low, some individuals may still experience side effects.

Notes: This metabolic therapy, combining sodium R lipoate and hydroxycitrate, has shown promising outcomes in a small French study involving glioma patients. The therapy aims to disrupt cancer metabolism, potentially extending survival and reducing tumor size in some patients. While preliminary results are encouraging, particularly for patients with newly diagnosed gliomas, the need for well-conducted, larger-scale trials is emphasized to firmly establish efficacy and safety.

From Ben Williams Book: Not specified

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